Not all beauty is fragile. Introducing our ultra-durable matte design boards. Unlike our glossy lacquered panels, Zenit offers a rich, super matte finish with a velvety texture and exceptional abrasion resistance. Suitable for all types of furniture and decorative products, Zenit is a reliable and versatile choice. The Zenit collection boasts a wide range of solid colors, with or without metallic particles (Supermatt or MetalDeco), as well as elegant designs like marbles. These options create a subtle, yet sophisticated look for modern kitchen, bathroom, home furniture applications, as well as interior design and commercial projects.

Agua Marina Supermatt
Almagra Supermatt
Antracita Metal Deco Supermatt
Antracita Supermatt
Azul Indigo Supermatt
Azul Marino Supermatt
Basalto Metal Deco Supermatt
Basalto Supermatt
Black Supermatt
Blanco Metal Deco Supermatt
Blanco Polar Supermatt
Blanco Supermatt
Camel Supermatt
Cashmere Supermatt
Cotto Supermatt
Curry Supermatt
Gris Nube Supermatt
Gris Perla Supermatt
Gris Plomo Supermatt
Magnolia Supermatt
Oriental Black Supermatt
Oriental White Supermatt
Titan 01 Supermatt
Titan 03 Supermatt
Tortora Supermatt
Verde Salvia Supermatt

The ultra-matte finish of Ultrapan panels is not only durable and resistant to abrasions, but also creates a unique tactile experience. The velvety texture of the panels provides a soft, comforting sensation when touched, adding an extra dimension to the visual beauty of the product. The deep, super matte finish exudes a sense of calmness and sophistication, and can create a composed and polished look in any space. Whether used in furniture manufacturing or interior design projects, the Ultrapan collection with its luxurious velvet feel is sure to make a lasting impression.

Bright White
London Fog
Rain Storm
Slate Grey
Outer Space